Welcome to my Political Blog!

Hello, and welcome to my political blog! My name is Kevin Oyakawa, and I am one of the resident progressives at North Central College. I wanted to start this blog immediately after receiving the opportunity of meeting Senator Bernie Sanders, but I never managed to get around to it.

Senator Sanders speaks a lot about how we need a political revolution to combat the corruption the United States faces in our democratic system, and he understands that it will take the hard work and dedication of us millennials to establish a true democracy that works for everyone. The purpose of this blog will be to empower other millennials to action, inform the public on hot-topic issues that may escape the mainstream media’s agenda, and hopefully bring light to the corruption that happens at all levels of our government. I plan on making blog posts as these issues come to life, so don’t expect much of a regular schedule behind this blog. A general rule of thumb would be to check when the Donald says something incredibly stupid on Twitter – if he has, there’s a good shot I will post something about it.

Have a great day!


(Photo creds to Kiran Balan)

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